Maite Abella
Visual Artist


Description of the project:

Every time the bridge was lifted to allow water traffic to pass over the Schinkel canal a music sounded, like you can hear from a music box. Five composers created a special music for the bridge. The project was installed at the bridge “De Théophile” (known as such among bridge keepers), bridge over de Schinkel between the Schinkelhavenstraat and the Theophile de Bockstraat in Amsterdam, in 2005. The sound installation was completed with music provided by The Museum Speelklok, museum dedicated to self-playing musical instruments in Utrecht.

The composers:

Yoichi Hakamada, Japanese flutist based in Amsterdam. Composition: Poeme de l’eau, (time: 1’48”) It was played by Maite Tife on a Casio Tonebank Keyboard CA-110, as tone Number 70: Glass Harmonica.
Maite Tife, spanish harpsichord player based in Amsterdam. Composition: Danza Ondina (time: 1’30”) It was played on a Casio Tonebank Keyboard CA-110 as Glass Harmonica tone.

Ilona Visser, dutch artist and musician based in Nieuwpoort. Composition: Rock on roll (time: 1’27”) It was played on a Saito 4 1/3 octave marimba.

Fonds de Baedts, dutch artist and musician Nederlands based in Rotterdam. Composition: Soundtrack voor ‘Speeldoosbrug’(time: 1’34”) Played on Reason

Lluís Castel Fort, catalan pianist based in Tarragona (SP). Composition: Doll Dreams (time: 4’24”) Recorded on a Hammond GM 1000 Choir UHS-54, Roland PMA-5.

The sound installation was completed with music from the Museum Speelklok (Utrecht):

1. Tannhäuser R. Wagner 2:10. Regina disc musical box 2. Träume auf dem Ozean walz; La sua Lampada - J. Glungl, G. Verdi 1:57 Nicole Frères forte piano cylinder musical box 3. Que le ciel vous pardonne (Martha) F. von Flotow 1:41 Ami Rivenc mandoline cylinder musical box 4. Die blaue Donau–walz J. Strauss jr. 1:05 Porter disc musical box 5. Aufforderung zum Tanz C.M. von Weber 1:24 Stella disc musical box.

In 2006 The Music Box Bridge (Speeldoosbrug) was invited at The Damiate Bridge in Dordrecht (The Netherlands) within the framework of the URBAN EXPLORERS FESTIVAL. Link: