Maite Abella
Visual Artist


Inside Matters (on the outside) is an installation in public space consisting of 15 screen projections of 15 films made in 15 interiors belonging to residents of the Bos en Lommer neighborhood in Amsterdam. The screens are projected on 15 different windows in the same building. The images can be seen from the street by passersby. The films are documents about the daily life inside home: each film shows the interior of the house on the window of which it is projected: for example, a family while having a meal at the table, a corner of the kitchen where food is prepared, someone sitting on the sofa watching TV, a child playing, someone sitting in front of it window facing the street, someone brushing his teeth, and so on.
I explore the boundaries between public and private space. And so, thinking of the "shop windows" of the red light district and also the Dutch custom of showing exemplary interiors through large curtainless windows, I want to show what it looks like indoors of the residents of Bos en Lommer, essentially because the population is mostly Arab or Turkish; but also I wanted to release the boundaries of architecture and its use.

Stills van Inside Matters: